Here comes the second day of the dashboard week. In today’s challenge, we are given a link to download the data for piracy activities. The challenging part for me is to find the supplement data and include Mapbox map into the viz.


Downloading Data


The first dataset is easy to get. From the website – Maritime Safety Information,  I downloaded the recent 20 years’ worth of data ( from 2000 to 2019). However, for additional information I searched for a very long time comparing data on marine shipping routes, Annual IMB Piracy Reports, maritime boundaries and others. Finally, I decided to use the maritime boundaries dataset. The workflow for today is very simple – join the two datasets with spatial match tool and categorize incidents by country.





For the visualization, I decided to make it my first dark background dashboard inspired by the pirate pictures on Google image.

I first started with the map. There are many videos online about using Mapbox map style in Tableau. Here is a clear and simple one in YouTube. After selecting the style,

  1. click show public on ‘Allow Copying’
  2. select ‘Third Party’
  3. choose ‘Tableau’
  4. copy the link and paste to background mapping in Tableau



Here is the final version of my visualization.


Ivy Yin
Author: Ivy Yin