Can’t believe it’s the last day of our four-month training. I can still remember how excited I was when I applied and got accepted for The Data School. The application period was very anxious and nervous but I got a sense of fulfillment during the interviews were happy and relaxing afterwards.

Even though I learnt a lot from learning videos on Tableau prior to applying for the Data School, the application part had led me to learn so much more, for example how Tableau can be leveraged to make interactive charts and layout design. It is rather hard to get through to Cohort 5 when more than 100 people applied – I had to use as much advanced actions as I can (e.g. parameters, filters, urls and whatever I could think of). I felt I know a lot about Tableau, but I changed my mind when I started my first day in The Data School.


Trainings & Friday Presentation

The first four weeks were mainly about Tableau and Alteryx. It was very challenging to jump from basic to advanced courses, especially for Alteryx. I was a bit overwhelmed by that time. Then I realized that was, in fact, the best way to learn because this is what makes you push harder, learn more and ultimately become an expert in a field.

In the subsequent trainings we have lots of opportunities to strengthen our mastery of Tableau and Alteryx, especially in our client projects and dashboard week.

Apart from Alteryx and Tableau, to be a more competent data analytic consultant, we were also trained in Power BI, Tableau Server, SQL, web scraping, requirement gathering, data modeling, project documentation, presentation and much more.

In terms of presentation, every Friday we were given a small project related to what we learn for that week in the morning, and then present our results at 3pm. I was nervous about this at first, but after PK’s presentation training, and practice for the following weeks, I now feel comfortable about preparing for dashboard presentation and talk confidently in front of everybody.



We were encouraged to take the Alteryx Core Certification Exam by the end of the first week and I managed to get it by Sunday. To pass the exam, I had to go through all the materials Peter provided, the interactive courses in Alteryx Community and some basic weekly challenges.

For the Tableau Associate Certification, I found it was more challenging than the Alteryx one.  The biggest challenge for getting the certification is not just the exam itself, but also the time management to prepare for it. Because we were all occupied with training or client project at work, and I could only prepare it on weekend.

For the certifications in the future, Exam Preparation Guide helps a lot.


Client Projects

The client projects are challenging, all of them!  And with different challenges! But by the end of the training, I now totally realize how important they are to us. We had client came for project briefing on Monday morning and we would present back to them on Friday afternoon. However, we normally have training course in the morning from Tuesday to Thursday, leaving us only 2.5 days for the project. And the training courses are essential to skill us up for the current or following projects.

Learning on the go.

We were trained and practiced how to elicit and prioritize requirements, how to use apply the SCRUM framework, how to deal with various types of data and so on. When I teamed up with Chris to be team leader for the final project, watching everybody work in different angles, I realize we improved our craft a lot during this time.


Great Cohort & Head Coaches

I’m so proud to be part of Cohort 5. They all are very smart, efficient and have a clear goal in mind. I learnt a lot from them and feel so happy that we spent a part of our life working together. Everybody has such strong characters but magically get along well with each other.

I respect our head coaches – Craig and David a lot. They trained us to handle the real world situations and never hesitated to share their consulting experience. We all learnt a lot from them.



The intensive four-month training gave me confidence in my career life.

I will keep up my speed on learning since we are all surrounded by smart people and rapid changing world of data.

I want to take this chance to thank for the support form The Data School, MIP and our clients for the great opportunities to learn and grow.



Ivy Yin
Author: Ivy Yin