If you are a new Data Schooler who is just about to embark on your journey, congrats! You might be feeling a little bit unsure about what to expect over the 4-month training program, and perhaps how well you might cope with the training. While I cannot assure you that it will be a walk in the park (because it is anything but), I would like to share my opinions on how to make the most of this important period of your DS life.


Get Organised Early

The pace of the first few days might feel somewhat leisurely. Take this opportunity to get yourself organised:

  • Set up your file-and-folder structures on your laptop, and keep your training material in places where you can easily find them — not all dumped in a heap in your Downloads folder. You will often find yourself wanting to refer back to the thing you learn over the first few weeks.
  • If you don’t have a password manager, get one. You will be creating plenty of accounts to different resources and services over the course of your training.
  • Learn how to use OneDrive and Teams. And FFS, select Don't use audio before you join the training call.

The list goes on but you get the idea.


Do Not Let Yourself Fall Behind Early On

This section does not apply to you if you are experienced with all the software that will be taught to you, or if you are truly prodigious. For the rest of us mere mortals, there will be things that we are good at, and things that we aren’t. For things that you were taught during the day, and you feel like you do not have a good grasp of it, I strongly suggest that you take a little bit of time to go through it again at night.

Of course, your personal time is yours to spend, however you please. But this blog is about making the most of the training, and not revising early when you need it would very likely make your life much harder later on. You might even find yourself still struggling with some of the absolute basics in the last few weeks of your training. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen.


If You’re Getting Comfortable, Push Harder

If you find yourself coping well with the training and truly have a good grasp of all that’s been taught, think about your weaknesses in other areas and how you can work on them, or how you can strengthen areas that you are already good at. Be it browsing Tableau Public and finding design ideas that you could use later, or simply trying out different things using the software that you have already been taught. Standing still is a waste of the good position that you are in.



Not sure if this needs to be said, but I’ll say it anyway. Practising what I’ve suggested above does not mean you have to spend all your free time on it. Unwind, relax, and do what you like to do with your free time. All I’m saying is, don’t completely neglect what you have learned, especially if you’re falling behind, because the chances of you not putting in extra effort, yet somehow managing to catch up while learning new things everyday are……slim, to say the least.


That’s all (for now)! All the best, and may you become the best consultant you can be.



J Tay
Author: J Tay