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Last time, I showed you how to add a drill down to your chart using set actions. Now, we’ll do a similar concept but with maps and a 3-level drill down. Download this Tableau workbook starter so you can follow along in this map drill down tutorial using set actions and container.

How To Create A 3-Tier Map Drill Down Using Set Actions and Container

1. In the State Worksheet, double click State.
2. Drag Sales to Color.
3. Right click State > Create > Set.
4. Select All > OK.

Map Drill Down TutorialSteps 1-4

5. In the County Worksheet, double click County and double click State.
6. Drag Sales to Color.
7. Right click County > Create > Set.
8. Select All > OK.
9. Right click drag State Set to Filters pane.
10. Select In / Out > Next.
11. Tick In > OK.

Map Drill Down TutorialSteps 5 – 11

12. In the Zip Code Worksheet, double click Zip Code.
13. Drag Sales to Color.
14. Right click drag County Set to Filters pane.
15. Select In / Out > Next.
16. Tick In > OK.

Steps 12-16

17. In the Dashboard, drag a Horizontal Container below the title.
18. Drag the State, County and Zip Code Worksheets in the Horizontal Container.
19. Delete the Sales Color Legend Container.
20. Hide the titles of the State, County and Zip Code Worksheets.

Steps 17-20

21. Go to Dashboard > Actions.
22. Click Add Action > Change Set Values.
23. Type Select State for Name > untick County and Zip Code > choose State Set in Set > select Remove all values from set > OK.
24. Click Add Action > Change Set Values.
25. Type Select County for Name > untick State and Zip Code > choose County Set in Set > select Remove all values from set > OK > OK.

Steps 21-25

26. Click on a State in the State Map. This will filter and expand the County Map.
27. Click on a County in the County Map. This will filter and expand the Zip Code Map.
28. Unselect a County to collapse the Zip Code Map.
29. Unselect a State to collapse the County Map.
30. Enjoy!

Steps 26-30

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