Effect of Covid-19 to NSW Traffic


Today we started the most awaited Dashboard Week for our cohort. For five days, we need to create a dashboard for the dataset given to us and create a blog about it. I’ll try my best to share what I learned along the way and my approach in creating my dashboard: Effect of Covid-19 to NSW Traffic.

The Dataset

We have to choose a dataset from the NSW transport. Before doing so, I registered to get an API key. After browsing the datasets, I selected the NSW Roads Traffic Volume Counts API. I used the tables road_traffic_counts_station_reference and road_traffic_counts_yearly_summary.

External Dataset

I wanted to create a map drill down capability in my dashboard so I added spatial dataset for the Local Government Area and Suburb Level for NSW.

Challenges Encountered in Alteryx

I struggled in the early stage when I tried to download the dataset using the Download Tool in Alteryx. I was trying to translate a Curl command to the Download Tool. Good thing our coach Alekh shared this link on how to do that and gave me a one on one lesson.

Charts Used in Tableau

I used three charts in my dashboard: map, bar and a donut. It’s actually my first time creating a donut chart and I followed the best answer from this link. As I mentioned earlier, I added a drill down capability to my map. To be more specific, it’s a 3-level drilldown. It’s similar to the chart I created in my previous blog but a bit more complicated. I’ll add an entry to my Tableau GIF Tutorial series soon on how to create a 3-tier map drill down.

The Finished Product

Here’s a preview on my dashboard and you can always view it in Tableau Public:

Effect of Covid-19 to NSW Traffic

JB Reyes
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