Iowa Liquor Sales Dashboard

The Dataset

For the last day of our Dashboard Week, we are given the Iowa liquor sales dataset. There’s nothing fancy about the dataset. The trouble is, we only have around six hours to create a dashboard about it and present together with our dashboard from yesterday. Here is my approach on how I created my Iowa Liquor Sales Dashboard.

Alteryx Workflow

Since there is very limited time, I have to spend little time on Alteryx. Instead of thinking about the efficient usage of tools, I just did whatever will work immediately. Look at this monster:

Iowa Liquor Sales - Alteryx Workflow

Charts Used in Tableau

Again, due to time constraint, I have to stick with charts I am comfortable to create easily: bar, line and map. The only special about my dashboard is that the labels are dynamic based on the measure selected.

The Final Product:

Here’s a preview on my dashboard and you can always view it in Tableau Public:

Iowa Liquor Sales - Preview

JB Reyes
Author: JB Reyes

JB hails from the Philippines where he was an anti-malware engineer for 5 years. After moving to Australia in 2017, he worked his way up in a school supply company starting with a role as a despatcher and then taking on roles in IT support and bookkeeping. His passion for data is so deep that he can spend hours exploring and analysing data without tiring or getting bored. When JB is not all over data, he spends his time playing basketball, Pokémon cards with his daughter and building robot plastic models. If there is one dish that he would have to eat for the rest of his life, it would be Lechon, a Filipino delicacy (roasted pig) that reminds him of home.