New Tableau releases are extremely exciting for every Tableau user (especially for all the Data Schoolers here in Sydney). These days we are exploring the new options Tableau 2018.3 beta version is offering and we can’t wait to start using them regularly as part of our projects and placements.

You can find a list of all the new features on this link, and you can experiment with the beta version if you download it from the Download Beta 2 segment.

Here are couple of the features the Tableau team is working on:

Web Device Preview

In the current Tableau Online version we aren’t able to preview what a dashboard might look like on different devices (which is an option we already have on Tableau Desktop though). The beta version (see the second image) offers this option, so you can toggle between Tablet, Phone or Default options, same as in the Desktop version.

Tableau Online 2018.2

Tableau Online 2018.3 (beta)

Rearrange Layout Button

Another cool feature, again layout related, is the rearrange layout button. It’s available for mobile layouts and it allows simple arranging or rearranging of your dashboard.

If you are creating a dashboard from scratch and you want it to be mobile friendly, you just need to choose the right device type from the Device preview option, add the layout, drag and drop the sheets to the dashboard and choose the Rearrange layout option. Even if you’ve added floating objects, Tableau rearranges them in a nice layout. Behind the curtains Tableau runs their new Auto-Generated Layout algorithm and quickly optimizes the layouts.

Also, if you’ve already built your view for a desktop view and then switch it to mobile, it will use the best possible option based on their algorithm. Later on, if while playing with your visualization you rearrange the graphs in a way that is no longer pleasing to you and you want to go back to the original Tableau setting – again, you are one click away with the Rearrange layout option. Happy days!

Tableau Desktop 2018.3 (beta)

If you like to learn more about Navigation Actions or Density maps, which are also planned to be new features in Tableau 2018.3, visit Jonathon’s and Mo’s blog post.