Finally, the dashboard week is coming; the first topic of dashboard week is about survey data from the 2019 American housing survey. I’m focusing on the household mortgage between black families and white families.

Data manipulation

The raw survey data is boring because it’s all strings and numbers; it doesn’t have any meaning; you have to join with a table of content from another data source to make it understandable. Therefore, the load of data manipulation is enormous, and it’s essential. I was thinking to build a Likert scale in Tableau. Therefore, I spend almost all morning trying to get data ready in alteryx; the workflow is below.

When I import to Tableau, it doesn’t look like the one I want, and also it’s not interactive at all; I don’t want to use dummy data again; instead, I spend another half an hour to think about what I want to build, what I want to tell them. Once you have done this, you will exactly know what information you need; the new workflow is as below; it’s much more comfortable and cleaner than the previous one. One more thing I have to say is better preparation, better outcome, and saving a lot of time in Tableau. So, I went through the workflow, made some changes, and spent another 1 hour to change it. Finally, I got it! The final workflow and data source are as below.


Dashboard Building


As I mentioned early, you should draft your questions and dashboard before importing to Tableau, making everything easier. And now it’s time to build the charts and dashboard. As my topic is about white & black families, so I decide to use black & white colour only that match the topic. The final viz is as below; you can also download it from my tableau public here. It’s not perfect due to timeboxing, but I will try my best in the next dashboard.


Jason Hu
Author: Jason Hu