Sheet swapping allows the users to swap the different chart in the same dashboard; for the purpose of this article, we create two charts in two separate sheets, 1. The map shows Sales for each State.  2. The line chart shows monthly sales. I will introduce two different ways to achieve this in this article.

1. Container

The first method is using containers; both vertical and horizontal containers are suitable. The good thing is that you can add more than one sheet in a container and swap it, not just one sheet.

Here are the steps:

1) Drag one sheet to the dashboard, tiled it and hide the title.
2) Drag a container to the dashboard and float it.
3) Take the second sheet into the container and hide the title.
4) Click the little arrow button from the container, and choose add button.
5) Edit the button and move it to the proper position.
6) Resize the container and overlap the tiled sheet.
7) Test in presentation mode.


This is a quick & easy way to swap sheet without any calculated fields; I also use this method in one of my recent Makeover Monday viz; the link is here.


2. Parameter

The second method uses parameter action; similar to the first method, this is a higher skilled method that you can swap not just between two sheets. The complete steps are as below,

1) Have two charts ready on two different sheets.
2) Create a parameter called the Select a Chart, change the data type to ‘String‘, and two values are ‘Map‘ and ‘Line Chart.


3) Create a calculated field ‘Selected Chart

4) Show Parameter in Map

5) Drag Selected Chart to filter and select ‘Map‘.
6) Go to the line chart, edit the parameter, change the current value to ‘Line Chart‘.

7) Show Parameter in Line Chart, similar to step 4
8) Drag Selected Chart to filter and select ‘Line Chart’.
9) Go to the dashboard, add a horizontal/vertical container.
10) Drag Line Chart into the container and hide the title.
11) Drag the map into the container and hide the title.

I hope this article gives you a better understanding of how to sheet swapping in two different ways. If you have any enquiry regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me.

Jason Hu
Author: Jason Hu