Before the meeting

Before the meeting, background research must be conducted. First, look up the client on Linkedin. You will be able to gain an understanding of what they do and know what questions they will and will not be able to help with. Exploring the data and researching the competitors and industry will also help with asking more relevant questions during the briefing. If you are able to demonstrate have done your research, the client will also likely put more effort in to ensure a successful client project.

During the meeting

  1. Get a sense of what they are currently doing and why they need to change?
  2. Why are we building this dashboard?
  3. Why is it important? What is the context and how does it fit in the business?
  4. Why is Alteryx or tableau the chosen tool?
  5. Define priorities?
  1. What are the KPI’s (key performance indicators)?
  2. What needs to be built? A dashboard or workflow?
  3. How is this going to be used?
  4. Does there need to be a mobile version?
  5. What is the data?
  6. What charts are preferred?
  7. What is the company’s development process (developer vs production environment)
  1. Who is going to use it?
  2. Do they need training on how to use the dashboard?
  3. What is the users’ data literacy?
  4. Define security / permission / access guidelines?
  5. Who to ask to gain access to the data?
  6. Who to contact if issues/questions/concerns arise?
  7. Who to escalate to if problems arise?
  8. Who is the database architect?


  1. Estimate how long it will take for you to deliver
  2. Define deadlines
  3. Meetings and check-ins
  4. Set milestones in accordance with priorities?
  5. What is the cycle for delivery?
  1. What do they specifically want to see? (KPI targets)
  2. What layouts do they prefer?
  3. Colour schemes, palettes, logos, corporate branding?
  4. Number formatting – decimal places
  5. Documentation
  6. What is the client’s version control process?
  1. What period of data is required? Any predictions and for how far in the future?

These questions were compiled by the DSAU11 team with the help of Natalia and David.

Jason Lu
Author: Jason Lu