The task today was to analyse the data from the Museum of Modern Art from Zenodo. Unlike the previous Youtube Trending challenge, this task required much more cleaning and joining before the data could be used. See Annie’s blog here to see she managed the cleaning process.


In my MoMA dashboard I decided to focus on the demographics of the artists and see how the average age, gender ratio, nationality changes in different art categories. The first major challenge was calculating the average age of the artists when the piece of artwork was created. Some artists published many pieces of art throughout their careers and some even published multiple within a single year. By using some fixed LOD’s and taking the average of the years between their first and last art piece, the artist’s age groups were able to become binned into 5 different groups. Due to some errors in the source data, some of the artists appeared with a negative age. These values were manually filtered out since there were only four of them.

From this dashboard the lowest age belongs to the media and performance department. The highest proportion of females to males also belonged to this department. This is likely due to the technological differences between the younger and older genertions. Film artists had only truely come into existence in the 21st century and is the fastest growing department of art. Here is a screenshot of my dashboard. Visit my tableau public to interact with this MoMA Dashboard.


Jason Lu
Author: Jason Lu