Analytical apps in Alteryx are useful for allowing the user to select the parameters which they need and grab snippets of the data.

Here is a blog highlighting the uses of analytical apps.

Here is how to make a list box with multiple selections.

Step 1: Filter

To integrate the list box tool, the filter tool’s formula needs to be very specific. The ‘in’ function must be used.

For example:  [Chosen Field] in (“x”, “y”)

Step 2: List box

In the list box configuration, the ‘Generate Custom List’ option needs to be selected. Notice that the start text, separator, and end text matches up with the formatting of the fields in the filter tool.

Step 3: Cross tab

So how does the list box tool know which values to display in the analytical app? One method would be to choose all the values manually but this would not be dynamic. If the dataset is updated with a new value, the tool will break. The method around this problem is to feed a crosstab tool from the source dataset into the Q input of the list box tool.

The group by field can be left empty. Select the desired column in the ‘Change Column Headers’ and any field for the values and method for aggregating. These final two fields do not matter as long as the values in the desired column are pivoted.

Step 4: Update value

The update value tool should automatically appear when the list box tool is connected to the filter tool. Select the expression that contains the formula from the filter tool. Tick the ‘replace a specific string’ field at the bottom of the configuration and remove everything except the required string fields.

Jason Lu
Author: Jason Lu