No client project ever progresses smoothly. Every client project will have its own set of unique complications and obstacles. Here are 5 of the most common problems and possible solutions.

1. Vague requirements:
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Explore the data together with the client
  • Storyboard / sketch
  • Create a prototype dashboard and show other samples of industry dashboards.
  • Involve other relevant stakeholders.
2. Scope creep – unofficial gradual change of the original scope.
  • Keep your priorities in mind
  • Ask for more time and a bigger budget
  • Document requirements and send them to stakeholders
3. You have overpromised and are on your way to underdeliver
  • Flag it as early as possible
  • Ask for help
  • Identify blockers and eliminate them
4. You have no access to the data
  • Ask the relevant stakeholders
  • Escalate
  • Document it in writing
  • Create a dummy dataset
  • Explore anything else you can do in the meantime
5. Poor engagement and communication
  • Escalate to higher-level stakeholders
  • Offer help / more time (consider human nature)
  • Check for their availability
  • Check for preferred comms channel

These problems and solutions were compiled by the DSAU11 team with the help of Natalia and David.

Jason Lu
Author: Jason Lu