Today marked the fourth day of dashboard week and we were to produce another power BI report. This time, we were to investigate data coming from the Sustainable Development Goals and create a report from that. I decided to look at the third goal, which was associated with health and mortality metrics in a given country for a given year. The story I decided to go with was ‘How Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Mortality Metrics’. First on the agenda as usual is Alteryx.


This Alteryx workflow was the simplest one I’ve made this week. I essentially just need to pivot the columns and rows twice so that I could get all my measures on a country and year basis. The first pivot was to bring the years onto the rows, so there would be a unique combination of country and year. The second pivot was to bring the measures onto the columns. Now there would be many measure fields for a combination of country and year.

However, like yesterday, I noticed we were working with data aggregated to a country and year level, so I brought over the same region data from yesterday. This way, I could also try to make relationships with population and GDP data in the report.

Power BI

The first objective was to determine which region had the highest pure alcohol consumption per capita, and how much it had changed from 2005 and 2018. This was done using a clustered bar chart, which also shows the percent difference between 2018 and 2005.

From this bar chart, the story then progresses to see how changes in pure alcohol consumption can affect mortality metrics. Here, I’ve given four different line charts which show the change of a specific metric overtime. This charts can be filtered to show values for a specific region (for example Australia and New Zealand).

And finally, the story progresses to explore the alcohol consumption differences between males and females. Again, this visual can be filtered to show values for a specific region.

I have taken a very similar stylistic approach with this report to my other BI report. I feel as if this style keeps this nice and neat, allowing the user to flow through the story much easier.

Feel free to check out the Report here:×609623757450906200