Dashboard Week: Day 4

As mentioned in the last posts, the Data School Sydney is having a dashboard week. Dashboard week is a week where we (the Data Schoolers) build a dashboard every single day. We get the dataset in the morning (not a clean dataset). And we build a dashboard throughout the day and present it the next morning. So far, I have built 4 dashboards. You can access them in my Tableau profile: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/jeff.hwapyeong.kim.



Today’s challenge was to build a dashboard with the data I could get using IMDB-API. There were multiple choices such as top 250 movies, reviews, ratings, and so on. While I was looking at the API options, I saw the newly released movie, Top Gun: Maverick. I then thought I might build a dashboard that compares old Top Gun and new Top Gun. 


Building a Comparsion Dashboard

I have not built this type of dashboard before. But, as I was building, I quite like the concept and the look of it. So, I will share how I built this dashboard that compares two types of data with similar values.


My Thought

Even though it was my first time building this type of dashboard, I have a few positive thoughts on this. Since there weren’t many aspects of data I needed to deal with, the choosing colour was an easy task. I did not need to assign different colours to different movies and so on. Also, I like how this type of dashboard sets up a clear and intuitive theme straight away. I often find myself trying to deal with a broad theme. This can be good when I have all the time in the world. But if now, I could easily end up with too much information without clear direction or insights.

I did not spend much effort or time putting text to explain the charts and dashboard which saved a lot of time, yet provided clear insights.

So, I learned something new today. When the task is an open book, I don’t need to bring as much data as possible like the top 250 movies and spend too much effort and time, I could use two movies and compare them!

I know this type of dashboard is rare in the workplace. But if you are learning different types of dashboards for fun or capstone projects, then perhaps you would like to try this.

You can access this dashboard at: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/jeff.hwapyeong.kim/viz/TopGunDashboardThenandNow/Dashboard

Jeff Hwapyeong Kim
Author: Jeff Hwapyeong Kim

After completing a Bachelor of Theology, I began my Data Analytics journey with the Data School Down Under. I am an analytical, process-oriented, and motivated data analytics consultant with a goal to turn data into information, information into insight, and insight into business decisions. Having a growing interest in the field of data visualization, I always aim to compress complex datasets into approachable and appealing graphics. I have skills in Data Visualization, Data Prep and Manipulation through software such as Tableau, Alteryx, Excel, Power BI, and SQL.