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Data School is a fascinating place that prepares you to be a successful Data Analytics Consultant. If you know a bit about Data School, you may be aware that the Data School trains Data Schoolers, for 4 months period, with market-leading Data Analytics tools such as Tableau and Alteryx through real projects and clients alongside great coaches and experts.

I’m in over two months of the Data School program and I can assure you that, whilst they are critical aspects of the Data School, the training has not been only about training and working on projects but having fun with your team, network, and fun experience like community events like Tableau DataFest our team has attended this morning.


Attending Tableau DataFest Conference

Yes, today, our team (DSAU14) and some from MIP have attended Tableau DataFest held in Sydney.

It was an enjoyable time, as you might notice from the Thumbnail photo, where the team could take a little time to refresh and recharge from training as we were going into a conference where the topic is something we live and breathe nowadays – Tableau and Data Analytics.

As much as it was enjoyable, it was educational. During the conference, the Tableau team addressed their perspectives and evaluations on the current market demand and whereabouts of Data Analytics in the business fields in general. By hearing robust thoughts from Tableau – one of the market-leading Data Analytics tools as well as feedback from organizations that are customers of Tableau, I could learn a lot about the current market related to Data Analytics.

The conference was also exceptionally innovative. The Tableau team introduced a variety of new features, such as Tableau Cloud and ML features, which they are bringing to/for both developers and end-users. The innovation that Tableau brings in was relevant, practical, and effective. Listening to the feature introduction and reasoning behind it, as well as watching the feature demonstrations were exciting since the features are now part of our Data Analytics journey.

Moreover, the time was great for community/network building. Countless like-minded data people from a variety of companies and organizations attended the conference, and the Data School was well-known and recognized! A few people I talked to already knew about the Data School and some have worked with people from the Data School. What a great privilege to be part of a company that is at the centre of the data conversation.


As mentioned earlier, it was a great time for our team, sharing thoughts, taking fun photos, and eating good food together. As you might agree, I personally found that a good and healthy team environment helps every process of the business and projects, and I do see that the Data School and MIP are committed to helping build a good and healthy team.

Jeff Hwapyeong Kim
Author: Jeff Hwapyeong Kim

After completing a Bachelor of Theology, I began my Data Analytics journey with the Data School Down Under. I am an analytical, process-oriented, and motivated data analytics consultant with a goal to turn data into information, information into insight, and insight into business decisions. Having a growing interest in the field of data visualization, I always aim to compress complex datasets into approachable and appealing graphics. I have skills in Data Visualization, Data Prep and Manipulation through software such as Tableau, Alteryx, Excel, Power BI, and SQL.