It is a dashboard week in the Data School Sydney! This means that we, the data schoolers, are building one dashboard each day with the dataset we are given at the beginning of the day.


We had the dataset from Food Standard Australia and New Zealand:

Data Cleaning & Joining

Alteryx Workflow:

This is an Alteryx workflow that cleans and prepares the data to be used in Tableau. Mainly, I joined Food Detail and Nutrient Detail files so that there will be nutrient details on every single row of the Food Detail file. And, since there were over 100 columns, I got rid of columns that I knew I was not going to use for my visualization. Also, I added columns like Weight, Calories, Classification, and suggested daily intake for some important or relevant nutritions keto dieters would want to know.


The purpose of this dashboard is for users to check food nutrition, especially nutrition related to Ketogenic Diet. I have put a number of functionalities for users to use in order to get the information they want.

Firstly, I built the “Keto Friendly? by Category” to show the number of keto-friendly or not keto-friendly within each category. This number is based on the Carbs restriction which you can change using the “Limit Calories from Carbohydrate (%)” parameter. While this chart gives you a general number comparison, users can drill down further.

Using those filters, I filtered out other food to see only the keto-friendly foods in the “sausage, saturated fat content…” sub-category within the “Meat, Poultry and Game” category are shown. And, each food displays calories from carbs, protein, fat, as well as total calories. These nutrition values will change based on the gram that users type in.

And the last part of the dashboard shows important nutrition for the selected food from the chart above. Bars represent the actual amount in the food while Gantt bars are the indicator of suggested daily intake.

First Day Done!

It was a good experience building a dashboard within such a short amount of time, especially because it was also a fresh dataset. Also, this dashboard required creating a number of calculations that I have not done in Tableau before. For example, limiting the Carb portion using parameters was something new. I hope to write a blog about how to build those types of parameters soon.

You can access this dashboard at:



Jeff Hwapyeong Kim
Author: Jeff Hwapyeong Kim

After completing a Bachelor of Theology, I began my Data Analytics journey with the Data School Down Under. I am an analytical, process-oriented, and motivated data analytics consultant with a goal to turn data into information, information into insight, and insight into business decisions. Having a growing interest in the field of data visualization, I always aim to compress complex datasets into approachable and appealing graphics. I have skills in Data Visualization, Data Prep and Manipulation through software such as Tableau, Alteryx, Excel, Power BI, and SQL.