It’s the end of an intense four months… four months of professional data analytics and consulting training at The Data School. Make no mistake, The Data School is definitely not your average school. Here, we learn all the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful data analyst in the corporate world. We learn how to use the best data analytics tools in the industry, and how to effectively deliver data insights to our business clients. So now that I’ve made it to the other side of these past four months, what do I think about it?


How it all began

From the beginning to the end, the last four months have been packed day to day with new skills to learn and unique challenges to solve. It was all done in a fast-paced, practical and collaborative learning environment. Four months ago, I started out with limited experience in Tableau and none at all in Alteryx. In fact, applying for The Data School was the first time I had ever used Tableau. On day one, I was introduced to my team, the sixth cohort of The Data School Down Under, whom I shared the last four months with. Most of us had little to no experience with Tableau or Alteryx. Some came from vastly different technical backgrounds, but we all shared a keen interest in data and an endless desire to learn.

In the first few weeks, we got straight into Tableau and Alteryx, exploring all the features and capabilities of each software. There are large communities and countless resources online that were extremely helpful during the learning process. Tableau has a gallery where you can view other people’s work for inspiration, and weekly Makeover Monday and Workout Wednesday challenges to practise on. Alteryx has numerous interactive lessons, live training videos and weekly challenges for you to go through, no matter what your level is currently at.


Never stop learning

The amount of knowledge I gained during the training period was immense. It was fun, exciting, frustrating and stressful, all at the same time. I obtained three certifications (Alteryx Core, Alteryx Advanced and Tableau Certified Associate) within the first six weeks, but the learning didn’t stop there. The training was often combined with practical challenges and client projects to work on, giving us the opportunity to experience real world data problems. This was definitely the most important aspect of the training program. In data analytics, there are many things that you simply cannot learn until you get practical work experience on a real business project.

In addition to Tableau and Alteryx, we also learned Power BI, SQL, server maintenance, data governance and project management. We covered everything from the hard skills to the soft skills involved in data analytics and consulting. We were shown how to adapt data insights to meet business requirements. We had qualified training coaches who really know their stuff and are always willing to help. The last four months at The Data School gave us an extensive and comprehensive learning experience. But now that it’s over, I’m ready to take on new challenges as I begin the next part of my career journey with The Data School.


Is data analytics right for you?

Now, if you’re interested in The Data School, you probably have a few questions about my experience. Allow me to answer those questions…

Did I enjoy the past four months of training? Yes.
Would I do it all again? No.
Did I regret a single moment of it? Absolutely not!

Okay, but seriously… if you’re passionate about analysing data and driven to learn more about it, there’s no reason to think twice. It should be no secret by now that data analytics is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. More companies are seeing the value in utilising data to uncover insights in order to drive business decisions. The demand for data analytics professionals is as high as ever, and rightfully so. They can greatly influence business strategy and outcomes.

The Data School helps fast-track people into a data analytics career by providing four months of training equivalent to years worth of experience. The Data School is always willing to accept like-minded individuals and train them to become capable data analysts. In the ever-changing world of data analytics, ability and motivation is far more valuable than knowledge and experience. As someone from the inside, I can say that it’s hard work but very rewarding. In the data analytics industry, the learning never stops, as we tackle unique business problems for every project.

So, if you think you’re suited for data, and can handle fast-paced and dynamic work, then what are you waiting for?

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

Thanks for reading my blog. If you’re interested in applying for The Data School, looking for a career in data analytics or just want to know more about the world of data, feel free to connect with me on Linkedin.



Jethro Chen
Author: Jethro Chen