Hi all,

The dashboard week is the data school’s project week, during which we are all required to deliver one dashboard every day.

This is the first day project of dashboard week, we are going to use the census data from City of Melbourne – Open Data Portal | Open Data | Socrata to come up with some fascinating projects.

The topic of my dashboard is “where to set up my restaurant”. The background of this story is during lockdown time, I somehow developed the interests in cooking food because I had nothing else to do. And somehow, I began to make delicious meals that all of my friends enjoyed, and I eventually rose to the position of chef in my home. As a result, I began to examine whether I could open a restaurant as a side business in the future. Or perhaps I can create something to assist people in analysing Melbourne’s census statistics in order to open their restaurants.

So I started this project, a good tip for beginning a project is to always consider and plan ahead of time what you will require.

In this project, I might need some contexts for my restaurant:

  • It could be in a popular place.
  • It could be in the food court place.
  • Some parking spots might be found nearby.
  • Target the people’s background in that suburb

After planning all these information I need, I started to gather the data and put them in Alteryx to process.

The Alteryx workflow is showing as below, basically I was trying to clean up the data I brought from different resources and joined them together, I also brought in two spatial data so that I could arrange and represent them elegantly on the map.



The final dashboard is showing as below:

The concept is to drill down on a map and select the nations from which people come as the target audience. . For me I would select Asian countries as my target customers because I can cook good Asian food:) It will also allow some other users to select their own target customers from different countries.


The map would show me which location I should target once I selected the target audience. So when I click that area, it takes me to that area and the many blocks within it.

The map now shows the most crowded blocks in this area; however, because the sensor is not in every block, we should have a good idea of where the busy blocks are.



We can also travel to different blocks to view what’s available in this area, and this is the time when we can see where restaurants, parking spots, and sensors are located.



And I’m guessing that after going over these things, I might have a good idea of where I want to open your restaurant in Melbourne.

Feel free to download the whole workbook from my Tableau public: Open a restaurant in Melbourne | Tableau Public

That concludes the first day’s challenge; please feel free to offer any comments or suggestions.




Rey Li
Author: Rey Li