Hi all,

A ranking chart is extremely useful when it comes to rank the different categories by time period, it looks nice and easy to interpret as well. I am going to use our sample super store data as the example to show you how to build it.


Step 1: Build the base timeline chart

Right hold your mouse and drag the date to columns, here I am going to select the year dimension, drag the categories that you want to into the marks, you can either drag them to colours or details.



Step 2: Add table calculation

Before we do the table calculation, remember a tip to select the specific dimension: For each “unclick”, calculate the “click”

Here I am going to calculate the sub category ranks(based on sales) for each year, so we go: Add table calculation -> Calculation type: rank -> Compute using specific dimension: click “sub-category”, unclick “year”



Step 3: Dual axis

We need to create some nice circles for each rank calculation. To do this, hold control and duplicate “Year” at another column, then we change the second line chart to circle. Right click the duplicated “Year” and go with “Dual Axis”, we will have this nice ranking chart.



Step 4: Label

Alternatively, we can add the labels on the circle. Click on label and tick “show mark labels”, we will find the rank is actually the other way around. There are several ways to fix this, the easiest one is just reverse the axis so we will put the No.1 at the top.




I hope this tutorial will help you to have more options in your viz dictionary. Feel free to leave comments or feedbacks below.




Rey Li
Author: Rey Li