Hi all,


Finally, our dashboard week has come to the end.


The last challenge is a simple one because our coach can sense we are exhausted already. Just joking! The whole journey is tiring but I have learnt quite a lot. So this time, the dataset is from BASIX | Planning Portal – Department of Planning and Environment (nsw.gov.au), BASIX is one of Australia’s strongest sustainable planning measures. Use the  online BASIX assessment tool to assess the energy and water use and thermal comfort of your residential development.

Because of the time constraint, I decided to just do an overview dashboard to allow users to explore.

My dashboard is like this:


Column and Row

To display these suburbs into columns and rows, we need to build two functions to achieve it. Then we just need to drag the “Column” to column, “Row” to row, then we drag the postcode to “details”. We probably need to fix some Table calculation but it depends on the situation. Then we will this nice view.


Drill down

Because reviewing the entire dataset would take a long time, I decided to separate them by each suburb, then calculate some average measures to be able to filter the suburbs. The best part is that we can just click on a suburb and be sent to that suburb’s page with more information. This can be used as another way to drill down the data, sometimes it is really helpful and it will allow us to contain more information in the dashboard.



And that’s it for my last challenge.


Feel free to leave any comments and feedbacks.



Rey Li
Author: Rey Li