What is ACNC?

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) is the national regulator of charities. It registers and regulates Australia’s charities. Each year, registered charities are required to submit an Annual Information Statement (AIS). In this Blog, I’ll show the process of creating a dashboard based on the AIS Data from 2017-2022.


Dashboard Creation

a) Color the map to show the distribution of charities

From the below picture, we can see that most of the charities are in NSW. VIC is right after it.

Figure 1. The number of charities by state


b) Add the distribution of the charity’s size

Charities registered with the ACNC are classified into three size categories:

Small charities – yearly revenue of under $250,000

Medium charities – yearly revenue of $250,000 or more but under $1 million

Large charities – yearly revenue of $1 million or more

We can see that 70% of the charities are small size.

Figure 2. The number of charities by revenue size


c) List the charity’s donations in and outside AUS

The University of Sydney came first in the domestic donation while World Vision Australia contributed most outside Australia.

Figure 3. Contributions in & outside Australia


d) List the charity’s main activity and beneficiary

Religious activities are the most.

A large amount of ACNC charities will help the general community in Australia.

Figure 4. Activities & Beneficiaries


e) Arrange the Layout and Finalise the Dashboard

Figure 5. Final Dashboard


You can click here to interact with the dashboard functionality. If there are any problems, please feel free to point them out. Besides, you can reach out to me on LinkedIn. I will try my best to answer your questions about Tableau or Alteryx.


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