Challenge background

Day 4! Very exciting as this is our penultimate day in the Dashboard week. The dataset is very fun, we are digging a story from the National Hockey League data using Power BI!


The data source

Today’s data source is probably the best one we have seen this week in terms of its readability, it can be loaded straight into the BI tools without spending too much time transforming the data in Alteryx. The data is very comprehensive, it covers a wide selection of data, including season-level data, game-level, and shots-level data. It is organized in a way it is easy for users to choose any individual yearly data or a single file combined all year. Anyway, that is all the pros, one tiny little imperfection is the novel topic – hockey. Every Excel file has around 50 different fields all showing different hockey-specific jargons and statistics. I did not understand any of it, because I genuinely never learned about it.


Summary for the day

Anyway, ETL was easily done. I picked the “all team all year” data, which is on the game level. I mainly wanted to do analysis on the team’s performance, so this data was perfect for me.

I did use Alteryx to change the data type but that was it.

Before for some reason I always wanted to get as much data as I can and build as many charts as I could. Which by itself is a big challenge and can be very time-consuming.

This time around, because the quality of data is pretty good, that saved me a lot of time. I decided to narrow the focus of my analysis, and pick something is not too difficult to do and can easily find insights.

It turned out to be a good strategy. By 1PM I could already begin to play around with the data in PBI.

I had some sketches on my notepad so I already had some ideas of what story I want to tell, it was going to be team analysis. So I am going to pick one team, make it the focus and compare it to the league.

So I



The PBI Report

This is the dashboard I made, if I had more time I would do a bit more of formatting just make the report easier to read and look nicer. I would also try to use Figma to give a awesome background picture.

Anyway, here is the link, go check out my Viz!

John Lyu
Author: John Lyu

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