Back to School

It’s been an interesting year. COVID has, of course, created havoc with my routines. But in addition to that, I also chose to make a big career change. For me, 2021 was a time of self-reflection. I took the opportunity to look back at my career to date; to really think about what I’d enjoyed and what would drive me forward in the future. The purpose of all this was to find a more fulfilling career path. I realised that all my decisions were data driven, and that analytics was my calling. I never thought I’d be going back to “school” in my thirties, but here I am at The Data School.

Ok, The Data School is very different to the school I attended in my formative years, but there are still some similarities. Most importantly, it provides an incredible opportunity for growth and development. After more than a decade working for a global company in a corporate environment, the differences are notable with respect to the ability I now have to choose my future path.


The Power of Data

Data is not just my future; it will continue to shape everything in the world around us. Data is being generated in our world at an incredible rate. The future success of organisations will pivot dramatically on how effectively their data is managed and on the quality of the insights available to them. Throughout my career to date, I’ve become increasingly aware of the areas where the power of data is not being leveraged to extract its true potential.

As an analyst, I am excited to be part of changing this. With training in state-of-the-art tools and industry leading software, I’ll be able to delve into your data and pull out the key insights that answer your burning questions. I may even answer a few questions you didn’t even know you had! I believe that the combination of the right information and context, coupled with the confidence to act on the findings, will help organisations supercharge their decision-making processes.

Gone are the days where critical business decisions had to be made based on gut-feelings. We live in a world of dynamic, interactive dashboards that put insights at your fingertips. Where powerful, customised tools can take vast volumes of data and create the reports you need at the moment you need them. It’s time to embrace our data-driven future!

Jonathan Carter
Author: Jonathan Carter