The Challenge

At a data-driven organisation like MIP & The Data School Down Under, facts, figures, and evidence, are the cornerstone of everything. This doesn’t just apply to business solutions and insights, but also to bold, food-eating claims. That’s why, when Data Schooler Oliver made the claim that he could eat 52 chicken nuggets in one sitting, a challenge was born.

Oliver’s confidence in his abilities and the organisation’s collective desire for truth meant that, from that moment onwards, a challenge to prove his claims was inevitable. As the discussion progressed, I knew that the showdown would need to be visualised. As a date was being finalised, I began gathering background information and planning out my dashboard. I collected some key metrics, such as weights, and I dug around the McDonald’s website to find nutritional information.


The Viz

When the big day arrived, and Oliver reached for his pile of nuggets, I grabbed my laptop and began logging as many details as I could. I used this data to create a viz that provides details of the challenge as well as a timeline of nugget consumption, nutritional info, and photos!

This was a fun one to pull together, and well done to Oliver for being such a good sport! I hope you all enjoy exploring the viz!

Did Oliver succeed? Or did the nuggets prove to be too much? Check out all the details at


Figure 1: Dashboard Screenshot

Jonathan Carter
Author: Jonathan Carter