Not only is it 2022 Melbourne Cup week, it’s also infamous Dashboard Week at The Data School Down Under. With that being the case, it wasn’t a shock to be given a Melbourne Cup dataset containing the results from recent races.

Since everyone is in a party mood, it seemed like the perfect time to do something a little different to a traditional dashboard and have some fun!


The Time Machine

In my short time living in Oz, I’ve noticed how excited every gets for “The Race That Stops the Nation”. Given I missed the excitement of the past Melbourne Cups, I decided to create a “time machine”. Yes, you read that right! This viz is designed to take me (or you) back to the exciting races over the last decade.

Dashboard Screenshot


Once a year has been chosen, I can check out the horses on the left hand side. I can hover over the horse/stake see key details, including the trainer, jockey, weight, and starting odds.

Once I’ve picked a winner* (*probably not a winner, let’s be honest!), I’m ready to go.


How To Play

To set up a bet:

  • Add your name
  • Select a horse from the drop down
  • Confirm your selection by clicking the coloured circle
  • Add your stake

When you’re ready to go, start the race by using the play button in the “Race Checkpoint” tool.

There space for three bets, so grab a couple of mates, and re-live a past Melbourne Cup!

The viz can found here

Good luck!

Jonathan Carter
Author: Jonathan Carter