Today we focused on using Data-sets available from Gapminder. These Data Sets cover a huge range of global measures, and it was awesome to explore them! I was especially excited to see many data-sets that covered many countries and went back so far in time (some back to the 1800’s).

I wanted to make use of the ‘Pages’ functionality in Tableau. Putting the ‘Year’ dimension on Pages meant the viewer could see an already information rich dashboard come to life as it moves through time.

My day started with looking at Life Expectancy data, I initially made a filled map colored by this Life Expectancy metric;


This map shows the gap between Africa and everyone else pretty well, but I found it hard to differentiate the different levels of the ‘light blue’ colored countries. I decided instead to make an animated dashboard, that ‘takes you into the future’. As the pages takes you into ‘future years’, countries with a life expectancy less than that future year amount will disappear.


So this view shows countries with lower life expectations slowly starting to drop off the view as the pages progress. It is scary to see Africa almost completely disappear before any other continent being significantly impacted.

Just a note: some countries are already missing from the map,  due to them not existing in the hex-map coordinate table I used, I had a go at manually entering a few, but ran out of time.

Using the lines charts you can also update which year’s Life Expectancy measures the hex-map uses. I did this so a user can see a new animation based on a different set of estimates.

I really enjoyed working with these data-sets today, and was very happy with my efforts to use pages animations to give a more powerful visualization.

All Feedback Welcome!

Click here or on the above dashboard to visit it on Tableau Public


Data and Inspiration from: