For the final day of dashboard week, we looked at a data-set of every recorded death of a Journalist where the cause of death was a direct result of the work. The data set is from The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

We were also challenged by Craig to only use Tableau 8.3, it was lots of fun to see what Tableau looked like a few versions back, and how far it has come in since then!

My dashboard looks at the records with Legal Proceedings following a Journalist death. It was interesting to see that this only made up ~43% of the data set. You can click here to view my dashboard on Tableau Public.


I made my dashboard to be read top to bottom, getting more granular as you go down. This ranges from overall % components at the top, to a detailed mark for each event at the bottom. I was surprised at how infrequent convictions are, this may be worse than reality, as Court proceedings can take a long time for an outcome to be had.

Being restricted by the version number, I tried to stay away from too many dashboard actions and tried to instead make my tool tips dynamic and readable.  This included making multiple case statements that form the building blocks of the sentence, so the tool tip is adjusted for the entire sentence, not just the big numbers and main categories. Here are a few examples;



Above you can see two tool tips from the same sheet, with slightly different sentence structure. Here is how my tool tip is built, you can see how little of it is static text!



This week has been a fantastic learning experience for me. I think that having a different set of constraints for each task really forces you to practice things you haven’t done much of before. It has also been a great lesson in time management, and overall dashboard building.

I highly recommend reading all the other blogs for dashboard week, it is really interesting to see eight very different attempts to the same challenge!

All feedback welcome!