After completing my first week at the Data school it’s hard to imagine that less than two months ago I had no idea about the changes that were about to happen to my life. I was a recent graduate of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) where I completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication. Looking for jobs I came across for the Data School Down Under listing and it instantly grabbed my attention. The different application process, with an emphasis on passion and a desire to learn struct right to my core values. On top of this I always had an enthusiasm for data and how it can be used describe the world. So, I went for it, created my first visualisation ever and it wasn’t great, but I learnt a lot. Next was the interview and another viz, over the next week I worked on it with every spare moment and I think it came out pretty good. They must have as well because fast forward a month I have moved to Sydney and I’m starting my first day.

Fuel, Tableau

My Viz for the interview to the Data School

The first Day

What a great start to a new career it was.  We had Peter Kokinakos COO of MIP open our week with an introduction. Got fully set up with new XPS laptops, had a tour of the WeWork space and all our admin done. Wrapped up the day with an overview of the program and a few drinks. A cruisy first day. The following day we were straight into Alteryx with Jody-John Phillips, the country manager for Alteryx Australia giving a presentation. It is amazing to see some of the things a program we are about to spend the next 4 months learning can do.  Peter Goldsworthy kicked of the teaching with his lessons on Alteryx, it began slow with learning all the UI and basics. But was soon was flying through all the different tools trying to keep up with our enthusiastic teacher. This was the next few days. Learning, practising and applying our need knowledge.


Wrapping up the week

Fuel, Alteryx, Data School

First week project using Alteryx

Then came Friday our first project. We were to take the data we used for our application and supplement it with another data source using Alteryx to blend the two together to add to the original. It was interesting to see how everybody went about the process in a different way. I choose to try out some of the spatial component of Alteryx we learnt. I geo encoded the fuel price data to get the coordinates of fuel stations. Then using car efficiency data pulled from the web I created radius around each station based off how far a car could travel given 10 litres of fuel. We all then presented them to the rest of the Data School and a few members of MIP. We wrapped up the week with a few drinks and a good chat between everyone. I thought I would be more tired after my first full week working in a while, but when you enjoy what you’re doing it doesn’t really feel like work.

Last thing I would just like to thank Craig, The Data School and MIP for this opportunity.