We are entering the final few weeks of the training program. This week we have entered into Dashbaord week. Where each day we are given a data set, generally with some sort of challenge to it. With the Melbourne Cup tomorrow we were given data scrapped of racenet website regarding horse racing. This data was a nice intro into the week providing some cleaning challenges and then presenting a good visualization of it.

Cleaning the data

The race data had many fields that contained multiple pieces of information. Such as the previous results field which contained the last ten results of a horse, all combined with no separator. To clean this up I passed the data through Alteryx using a lot of the regex tool to parse the field. First off I had to pad out the data to ten characters. So that all the fields at the same number. Then I put it through the Regex parse tool a using the expression “^(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)”. This put each of the ten characters into their own field allowing them to be more easily accessed.

The Visualization

I choose to go for a simple design with the time constraints we had and to represent the standard form guide one gets when going to the races in a better format. Using the visual best practice and the skills I learn over the past couple of month here at the data school I came up with the above dashboard. Can view it for yourself on tableau Public here.