The final day of Dashboard week is done. It was a bit different to the other days. This time we were given the data straight away. But must done by 3 pm so we can present both today’s and yesterday‚Äôs dashboards. The data source we were given detailed all the public toilets within Australia. It contained information about things like what gender the toilet was for. If it had certain facilities like a baby changing area or if it has parking. Thankfully this data set was clean to begin with since we only had a few hours to work on it

Data Preparation

Though the data was clean to begin with, I still had to pass it through Alteryx to change a few things. It had many Boolean fields that were there to indicate different attributes of toilet. This would be hard to visualize well in Tableau. So, I created some new fields by combining several of the Boolean fields together using formula tool.

The Dashboard

I continued to go with simple designs to try and have a nice clean dashboard within the given time. Using simple charts might not look as flashy as some of the other dashboard. But for me I prefer the more practical design. That is more like what is going to be used in an everyday situation. The dashboard can viewed on Tableau public here.