1. Read every question at least twice if not more and read it slowly. There are a number of question where it is looking for very specific filters to be applied. It is easy to miss a year or a category because you speed read over it. This is the best tip for me. When I went back over the questions I found 4-5 questions where I messed something up because I did not fully read and understand the question.
  2. Once your finished go over the exam again. You will surely make a mistake or two. eliminating any of these could make all the difference.
  3. Do the easy questions first. Skip any that you don’t know. Help build your confidence up and settle any nerves.
  4. Open a wordpad and take notes of any questions your not sure of to come back too.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the format of the exam. The exam is done in a virtual machine which makes it slightly different to using normal Tableau Desktop. For one some hotkeys and your personal setting will not work.
  6. Continuing from this you will only have one screen. I made a my browser 1/3 of the screen then Tableau the rest. Allowing you to view both questions and your work simultaneously.  This worked well for every question bar one on spatial where the browser was too small to view the entire question
  7. Depending on your connection there will be a degree of lag between your actions, so don’t get too inpatient with it and try to do more stuff while it is still catching up.