My name is Jonathan MacDonald (call me Jmac, it’s shorter!) I am a Tableau and Alteryx consultant with The Information Lab, and a coach with the Data School UK (DSUK). Currently I am about halfway through a month-long visit to Australia where I am working with the Data School Down Under (DSDU) to help coach the first intake of DSDU and offer guidance and support.


I am having a great time in Sydney working with a group of 7 very talented individuals, along with the DSDU Head Coach, Craig Dewar. Here are some of my highlights to date…


Joining the Data School is really unlike any other job you’re ever likely to have. The process is pretty intense – 4 months of focused training will turn you into an expert in two of the most popular modern data analytics tools. You will then follow that with four 6-month placements in some of Australia’s largest enterprises as an analytics consultant. The work is challenging, the hours can be long, and the expectations are high.


BUT…. if you are truly passionate about working with data – by that I mean all things data: analytics, visualisation, modelling, data science – then there is simply no better opportunity to guarantee a successful career in this field.


Over the last two weeks, the team have been learning all about Tableau Server and Alteryx Server. Both of these platforms allow businesses to manage and share their data visualisations and workflows. They form a critical part of a modern business intelligence stack.


At the same time, the team have been working with a range of Australian businesses to solve their data challenges in a series of weekly projects. Does your company have a data challenge that you’d like the Data School to solve free of charge? If so, get in touch!


The team have also had to mix in several hours a day of training, blogging, presenting, spot quizzes and prepping for their Tableau and Alteryx certification exams. This first cohort of consultants are currently half way through their 16 weeks of training and will be looking to become Tableau and Alteryx certified in the next few weeks. In fact, most of them have completed their Alteryx certification already!


For Craig and me, it is also a busy time as we review applications for the next cohort of the Data School Australia, which will be starting in early December. If you are interested in learning more about applying to the Data School, then read about our unique application process and get in touch! We are accepting applications for the next cohort until 15th October. If that’s too soon for you don’t worry, we’ll be recruiting again for our third cohort in early 2019.


As for me, I’m having a great time exploring Sydney and the surrounding areas…

…as well as getting stuck in helping the gang work through data challenges in the classroom!

Hit me up on Twitter @macdonaldj if you are in Sydney and want to say hi while I’m here.