After recently completing my first client week, I thought I’d reflect on a day that incorporated training, project work and a client meeting. Hopefully, future data schoolers can catch a glimpse at what to look forward to!




I rocked up to the office at 9, with my cohort now being face-to-face after months of COVID lockdowns. It was refreshing to all be in the same room and definitely helped with managing our client work for our first ever client project. Our morning consisted of training though, as we were trained on basic SQL using DBeaver software. The training was timely, as we’d potentially need this knowledge for next week’s project to access the client’s server. SQL ran us through to 12.30.

Being in the Melbourne CBD I couldn’t help but pop down to Guzman and grab a burrito for lunch, and try out a new cafe. I can definitely recommend Work Club for a latte! The one-hour lunch break also gave us an opportunity to chat after a morning of intense training and discuss where we were up to in the client project.


Client Work


As we were basing the project management off the AGILE methodology, we had a stand-up immediately after lunch to update the group on our work and further organise the delivery of the project. Personally, I was developing an Alteryx App with dynamic features for the client to help in preparing tables for analysis. This involved creating fields based on user input, browsing to particular tables and columns, as well as transposing columns that bracketed variables by age. Stand-ups are a great method of communication, and allow people to interact with a whiteboard of tasks and stages.

After the stand-up, we continued on with the project until 3, at which time we had a meeting with the client to update them on our progress and clarify any questions we had. The meeting went for about half an hour, and with the client satisfied with our project, we went back to work until 5 before we headed home for the day! 


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Joshua Verbeek
Author: Joshua Verbeek

Josh completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science in 2021, with a focus on research. He discovered a great passion for analytics through the degree. Following graduation, he joined a Market Research graduate program working in data engineering. His decision to join the Data School resulted from a desire to perform analyses, gain insights and communicate results in a visually engaging way. Having previously studied and worked within Graphic Design, Josh is particularly interested in the way data is visualised and presented.