The Dataset we were given for day 1 of Dashboard week was from the Global Power database.

About the data:

The data consists of nearly 35K rows, there was a lot of missing data, and the data format had to be changed for tableau visualization and data exploration. In addition, there were a lot of white pages to read to understand the data. My tip here is to read it as fast as you can and double-check with your team to ensure you have understood it. Not doing this could mean that you take the wrong approach in the first step.

Step 1:

For the first step I used Alteryx for Clean and Prep, and then I extracted the output to an excel file. This took longer than expected, so try to have a clear plan of action from the start.

Step 2:

Supplementing with additional data, I felt that there was a need for a higher level of detail, given that after step 1 I ended up with nearly 245k records of data. I decided to add Regions so I can view all the countries by region and start my exploration from here. So, I went back to my source file and added the Region, based on a data set I had and one from a colleague. The tip here: Ask around if, you might never know who has the data that you need, it will save you time looking for additional data.

Step 3:

Explore the data looking for an interesting story, this was hard to find in this data set because not all countries produced certain types of energy or had the capacity and infrastructure to. I tried many approaches, and, in the end, a decision was made to only look at renewable energy because there was, although estimated, 5 years’ worth of data for it. I went with the issue itself and asked the question, does more power pants mean more energy generation?

Based on the data, I found that Western Europe Region had the most Power plants, however looking at the line chart that speaks to the total energy generation during these 5 years, Western Europe ranks 4th.  East Asia had fewer Power plants, which were almost twice the capacity of Western Europe.

Hydro Power was generated the most in Gwh compared to any other fuel type Globally, but this varies by region.  East Asia has lesser Solar Power pants compared to Western Europe but still generated more power and is similarly the same when it comes to Hydropower stations.

Lastly, the use of wind power is on the rise , this is more evident in the top 4 regions, and less in South Asia. We can conclude that having more power plants is not enough to generate more power, having the correct type of Power plant, in the correct location, can lead to better power generation.

Jude Shu
Author: Jude Shu