On day 3 of dashboard week, at the 60 planets and the species of aliens who were native to those planets I decided to look. More time I was going to look at characters who visited the most planets if I had, but it’s dashboard week, never enough time there is.

The journey through space started in the galaxy of alteryx, extracting the data from the infamous starwars api. A refresher once I had, pretty straightforward to extract this data it was. Something like this and I repeated it three times the cosmic map looked, starting with planets (60), species (37) within that and I extracted people (82) then found. Note: if your journey iterates through multiple pages, you will need to transpose grouping by an additional unique identifier. I extracted just the page number using a formula tool in the 4th step. Yes, hrrmmm.

How the relationships would work in tableau I proceeded to test the data to see, and realized I needed a unique key, so I created ‘planet id’ in each of the workflows. Next, time to grab pictures of all the planets it was, speed here was next to impossible because I had 60 plants that I had to find and crop traveling at the speed of light. At the end of the entire list I was, only to find white space I have, in the corners It was, when dashboarding threw a spanner in the works for me.

Work did not relationships in tableau, to use joins I had. A good break to do something fun in the middle of dashboard week it was. Refreshing but still a good challenge this was, a story within the data was not easy trying to find, pleased with the way it turned out but I am, the time constraints given. .

To be better at timeboxing the focus this time was, applying the learning from some of the obstacles faces in the first two days. Completed within the time set if a task was not, I moved on, my time allowing me to better use. I hope you enjoyed the Yoda talk thanks for reading. .

May the force be with you! 

Jude Shu
Author: Jude Shu