Recently I ran into this issue after I replaced the data source, the colours for some of my charts would change to the Tableau default. It is frustrating having to change each chart back to its colour scheme every time I change data sources and I did not want to touch the XML.

I tried the suggestions in this article, but they did not work in this scenario. A (client) colleague of mine, all credit to her, discovered these steps, and it works very well. Switching data sources and Archiving workbooks have become more efficient since.

Let’s say you are currently connected to a data source by the name SuperStore, you have a data source you want to test, and it’s called SuperStore2

Right-click on the current Data source >> Go to Tableau Data Server >> Edit Server and Site Path…

Step 2: Choose the data source: < Select the new data source from the list E.g. SuperStore2

Step 3: Give the connection a name: < Important! Rename to match the old Data source name E.g. SuperStore >

I hope this helps you on your placements!

Jude Shu
Author: Jude Shu