Hi Everyone, as part of Dashboard week we were given the option to choose a topic from Australian Crime Statistics. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has a huge amount of data to download on all types of Crime & Justice topics.

To start I downloaded all the data available on this topic and opened it in Alteryx. As most of these available files are already reports and not raw data, there’s a lot of data transformation to be done.

After getting all the data in a format to be able to work in PowerBI I started creating charts to mainly see the Women’s feeling of Safety alone after dark.



The general feeling of safety had increased positively over the years for most states for women, while the chances of women not walking alone due to being afraid had decreased.

The analysis shows that mostly women feel unsafe while walking or don’t even walk alone at dark. On the other hand the only Situation where Male feeling of safety increases considerably is when walking alone after dark.


Novy Pro – General feelings of safety in Australia