NHL Type of Shots Stats

Hi everyone, today I’m posting my 2nd PowerBI report of Dashboard week. We were able to download datasets from MoneyPuck.com -Download Data containing tons of data since 2007. I decided to download every single shot data recorded since. There wasn’t much data to be transformed as there was one row per shot in a single dataset with all its stats included in that row in the right data type.



I went straight to PowerBI to build a report on the stats of the shot types over time and wanted to see the trends of each type of shot over time.

In my Shots Stats report I was able to find the % of goals made by each shot type, finding out that the TIP shot was the one with the highest % of goals per shot. Most goals were scored with the Wrist shot but with a way lower accuracy, only 6.7%.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were the team with more goals scored since 2007 with an accuracy of 7.1% goals per shot.  They had 47.8 % of their goals scored with a Wrist shot while their most accurate type of shot was the Tip shot.


Find my PowerBI report on NovyPro to select your favorite team to keep digging.

Julian Garcia – NHL Type of Shot Stats