Hi Everyone, as part of Dashboard week we were given the option to choose a topic from the datasets of NSW Libraries. NSW Libraries have recorded data from 2011 ready to download. My goal was to analyze the performance of different formats over the years, as well as the average circulation per capita of each Council.



To start I downloaded all the files from these topics from 2011. There was quite a bit of data transformation and cleaning to be done. I used Alteryx to get all the files ready to Union all the years to later Join with the Average Circulation per capita files.

I also found the spatial data for all the libraries, so I was able then to show insights using maps.


While analyzing the dashboard I found that the circulation of mostly all formats has been decreasing since 2011. The only format which had a rise over time was the Collections format.

By far the format with most circulation over the years was the Books format (including e-books).

While there was a significant decrease over the years, right after the pandemic there has been a big increase in the Average Circulation per Capita.

Woollahra has been the Library from the top 10 in Circulation per Capita which has had a huge increase of it over the years. While the Library which has the highest average circulation per capita is in Willoughby.



I used Figma.com to style my dashboard and create containers for each chart with a slightly lighter background.