Hi there! At DSAU24 we all just got our Alteryx Designer Core Certification with only a couple of days using Alteryx. My goal with today’s blog is to help you gather resources to study, practice, and also facilitate cheat sheets that may come in handy during your open book exam.

Start by taking a look at what the exam includes and will be like.  Alteryx Core Certification Exam Prep Guide documents all this in a single PDF.

To summarize what the exam is like… You’ll have 80 questions in total with Multiple-choice, practical application, matching, and multiple-response questions. Every question is one point, but partial credit is awarded for matching and multiple-response questions (“Select THREE options”). The final minimum score is 64%.


How to start preparing from my perspective

First, try to have as much practice as you can by completing Alteryx challenges. In the next link you will find heaps, Discussions with Label: Basic – Alteryx Community but you can mainly do the ones at the end of the Exam Prep Guide link above.

Then what I did was going through all the Tools included in the exam, and read the examples included in Alteryx to familiarize even more with the documentation and configuration of each tool.

After getting comfortable with all the tools and possibilities, familiarize yourself even more with all the different options and tabs in each window from the user interface. While it may sound silly at this stage after having practiced some challenges, you will get some questions about the interface.

Study also some cheat sheets and review some sample questions from links you can find. I’ll give you some sample links, but I do encourage you to look further for as much documentation as you can so you can prepare better.

Actions you may want to take: Designer Cheat Sheet – Alteryx Community

Alteryx File types: Types – For Alteryx Designer Core Exam – U08703 – Studocu

DateTime Functions: DateTime Functions Cheat Sheet – Alteryx Community

Exam-like questions: Alteryx Certification Study Guide Flashcards | Quizlet`

Also, get really comfortable with Join, Union and Append tools as many questions will come from this tool’s knowledge. Here’s a simple chart to help yourself choose which tool to use if you are not sure.


Are you ready for the exam? Test your Skills

In the link below you will find a Practice Test to the exam that will help you test your skills

Alteryx Core Practice Test



If you are ready to take the exam, before sitting I would recommend having some tabs opened with Alteryx documentation, so you don’t lose any seconds. Time flies during the exam. You’ll be able to bookmark the questions you are not sure about the answer so you can go back to them before submitting the exam.

Try to do the exam with 2 screens, so you have the exam on one and the documentation or google on the other one. Make sure your internet connection is fast enough to download the data during the exam, so you don’t have any issues.

Last but not less important, go to the toilet before starting! You have 2 ½ hours to finish the exam and every second counts.

I wish you all the luck but if things don’t go as expected, you can sit again after 7 days and it’s totally free.


Extra links 😉

Disable Output and Browse Tools (alteryx.com)

Solved: Save output in the same folder your workflow is in… – Alteryx Community