Today we have an interesting dataset for Dashboard week. The Kickstarter data from Kaggle.

There are two datasets and everyone in the cohort all agreed that one of them is completer and more updated than the other, so we decided to only look at the former dataset.

I also found that are multiple currency measurements in the data.

· usd_pledged: conversion in US dollars of the pledged column (conversion done by Kickstarter).

· usd pledge real: conversion in US dollars of the pledged column (conversion from API).

· usd goal real: conversion in US dollars of the goal column (conversion from API).

I decided to go with ‘usd pledge real’ and ‘usd goal real’(I will refer them as ‘Actual Pledged Amount’ and Goals in the following article) to avoid confusion. After some minor cleaning and grouping, I now have the data ready for Tableau.

Firstly, I want to compare the Goals and Actual Pledged Amount. I was deciding between a bullet chart and a line+shape chart. I then choose the latter since it is a clear way to show which one is the goal and which one is the actual pledged amount. By providing a reference line of the average amount, it makes it easier to compare.

I then create a line chart that compares the selected category with all other categories. Personally, I think this is a great way to look compare results when there are too many categories, where multiple lines are not an ideal option.

Lastly, I created small multiple maps to show which area has the most Kickstart activities.

To conclude

I really enjoyed this dataset, as well as the dashboard week. If I can do it again, I will try to find out the categories difference between region or countries. I will also look into how success rate differ when asking amount (bins) is different.

Junya Wang
Author: Junya Wang