Hello tableau newbies! so you’ve just been exposed to the wonderful world of data analytics and you’re eager to get started on creating your very first viz. However, you may be a little confused about where to begin, there are so many wonderful resources, but it may seem overwhelming. The purpose of this blog is to get you familiar with the steps to approach viz creation so you can have a starting point. But before we continue, ensure you’ve read part one to this blog series

Watch the video here to follow along:


Steps I take to create my Viz:
  1. Connect the data. In this case we want to create a union, but when you’re creating your own viz make sure you connect your data sets according to your visualisation needs. These include joins, blends, and relationships, use this link to learn more about these Comparing Tableau’s New Relationships to Blends and Joins – InterWorks
  2. Research some chart types that will help you convey your story. In this case we are comparing films by profit and ratings so bar charts, big numbers and doughnut charts will be the best at conveying our story.
  3. Create the Charts. Watch the video above to see how we can create the charts for this viz. I recommend when creating your own viz to look at the following resources:
  4. Tell them your story. Support your story with annotations within your graphs. If there has been a sudden rise or decline or even if your data depicts something that you didn’t expect initially, investigate that. Ask why. This is very important to enhancing your story!
  5. Finally, get creative! Experiment with different colours, layouts, and charts, this will help you with finding your own style.

That’s all from me today, I hope this helps!

Kavita Nand
Author: Kavita Nand