It’s the final dashboard day! I don’t think I have ever been this excited to do a Friday presentation before, but this week I’ve been eagerly counting the days. Today our challenge was to create a dashboard from the newest recruits DSAU12’s interview dataset. It was a lot of data to look through, the 12’s were asked to create visualisations on the Census of Land and Employment – City of Melbourne.

My approach

This dataset contained information on census data, bars and pubs, parking data and cafes and restaurants. As there was a lot to choose from and fatigue had really kicked in and our deadline was at 3pm today which meant we had less time to work on our projects. So, I chose to have some fun and as I had data on Melbourne’s bars and pubs, I thought I would help educate David on the best places he can go on a pub crawl. This made my task easier as it meant I spent less time trying to come up with a story and investigating the data and more time creating a dashboard.

The data preparation

Here I utilised Alteryx’s spatial tools to create points, find the distance and found the nearest bars to the data school location. As well as some other cleaning. Check out my workflow below:

The result

This is David’s Wild Night, so here I wanted to tell the story about how David starts his pub crawl experience, but the more he drinks the worse of a decision he makes. He ends up taking the worst way possible to get around to all 26 bars and here we can see which bars he goes to. Furthermore, we want to look at how these bar options have changed over time in comparison to the residential population growth to see if there are potential opportunities for future bars to help David stay close to the Data School and create a more efficient pub crawl.

That’s a wrap folks! We survived dashboard week.

Kavita Nand
Author: Kavita Nand