Dashboard week is almost over! One half of me wants this gruelling week to be over but the other half is just loving it and enjoying the challenges. Our challenge for Day 4 was about the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) and looking at the Top 2000 Universities in the world during 2021-22.

Obtaining the Data in Alteryx

The method of retrieving the data was yet again very different to the other days, this time it involved a lot of web scraping and Regex. Before I joined the Data School Down Under, I wouldn’t know a clue what Regex (short for Regular Expression). But while using Alteryx, I’ve become more comfortable with it even though there is so much more that I could learn about. I was able to easily sift through some HTML elements and grab what I needed.

Tableau Server – the real challenge

Normally when my cohort and I create a dashboard, we would just use Tableau Desktop with all the features available but our task was to create an entirely new dashboard on Tableau Server, an online portal that is only accessible to others within our organisations (hence why it is currently not published on my Tableau Public Profile). The reason why that it is a challenge is because what we familiar with had changed causing hiccups with some of the formatting and creating groups.

The Viz – University Education in Scandinavian Countries

So my angle was to actually enrich the data with world rankings by the Subjects with the Top 10 Universities and also focus on the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland) as I think Vikings are cool.

Below is what it looks like when I click the Fish Icon and hover over Norway in the Map below.

In the screenshot below I am able to look at the University for each Subject and see which Universities excels in the world for those areas. I can also check as an overview, all subjects where each country are in the Top 10.

Insights on the Viz

  • While Sweden has more universities than all the other countries, Denmark actually ties Sweden with total amount of subjects where they are in the top 10 (19 subjects)
  • Sweden and Denmark are great for education in Health Science related subjects with their universities being in the Top 10 for many subjects such as Nursing and Dermatology
  • Finland ranks in the Top 10 for Materials Science in Textiles (2nd) and Paper & Wood (6th)
  • Norway does well in Sea/Water related subjects like Fisheries and Marine Engineering
  • Iceland unfortunately do not have universities that are Top 10 in any subject but they do have 2 universities in the Top 2000 world rankings

Only one day to go…

Dashboard week is almost over so one more blog to go for dashboard week. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging though!

Kier Bituin
Author: Kier Bituin