The challenges this week definitely heated things up and now it is time to cool down.

The whole week was exciting and I enjoyed the fast-paced action but I’m also glad that it is finally over. My key takeaway from this was that I became to understand more about my own strengths and weaknesses and got to try different ways to approach my dashboards.

Check out my Day 5 Dashboard here:

The Data of the Day

Our data for the final day was about Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) for new dwellings in NSW since 2011. Starting from VIC on Day 1 and ending on NSW on the final day. While my Melbourne cohort (DSAU9) are done with dashboard week, in roughly 2 months from now it is the current Sydney cohort’s turn next.

More on the data itself, I wanted to focus on the heating and cooling systems in bedrooms and living rooms that have been installed.

The data was neatly prepared but I wanted to clean up the energy efficiency rating of the heating and cooling systems on Alteryx as part of my analysis but due to being limited to roughly 5-6 hours for the challenge today. I actually didn’t end up using it for my dashboard.

Exploring Heating and Cooling Systems Installed for New Dwellings

The angle I took was to imagine if I wanted to sell heating and cooling systems for new dwellings. This was so that I can focus on creating charts that could help me identify which dwellings don’t have heating and cooling systems installed. With only 5-6 hours available to us, I noticed my improvement with my decision making when it came to determining what is important to delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which I will cover in another blog. The me in the past would’ve spent too much time on the data and focussed less on my dashboard design.

Insights on where to sell heating and cooling systems

Here are some quick insights that I found in the Viz:

  • A lot of new dwellings were built on the outer suburbs away from Sydney toward the west.
  • More dwellings are likely to have cooling installed than heating
    • Because of that postcode, 2570, which also had the most new dwellings also has the most without cooling in both the living and bedrooms
  • If they were to install at least one but not everything then living room with heating and cooling is the most preferred
    • The dwellings in postcodes, 2765 and 2155, actually have a lot new dwellings with heating and cooling installed
  • 1-2 Bedrooms dwellings have the highest percentage (61.57%) compared to other groups that have neither heating or cooling installed
    • For dwellings 1-2 bedrooms, to sell a combo for heating and cooling there are 567 new dwellings in the postcode 2148 that might want to purchase it.

Time to say goodbye! … for now

That is the end of dashboard week for DSAU9!  Despite the time pressure, I very thoroughly enjoyed dashboard and I learned a lot that will help me improve in the future. Please keep an eye out for the rest of my blogs for the Data School Down Under in the coming weeks.

Kier Bituin
Author: Kier Bituin