Hover Button’s are a great tool to have in your Tableau arsenal – something that allows you to expand the content and context of your dashboard without cluttering your user’s view.

Enabling this type of exploratory analysis is one of the key components of good dashboard design – and a place where you can shine as a Tableau developer.

In the below example, a dashboard comparing the historical price of a Bitcoin to the present, I’ve used a hover button to provide additional information about the currency value ($USD) and time of capture (first day of month) – details that are necessary to understand the context of the Viz, but also ones that would clutter the view.


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Creating an interactive hover button in Tableau

In this video tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to add a hover button to your #Tableau dashboards using tooltips and custom shapes. You’ll also learn where to find an array of different icon types.

Big shout of thanks to my colleague Rey Li, who taught me how to utilise shapes early on in our time at the Data School – check out her, and others, writing on The Data School Down Under blog for some great Tableau and Alteryx tips.



If you want to explore this further, download my Bitcoin dashboard (above), and use it as an example. Happy vizzing!

Kieran Adair
Author: Kieran Adair