On the third day of dashboard week, the task is to create a dashboard based on Punk API data which can be found from Punk API – Documentation link.

Data Understanding

While there are columns and rows for all 324 listed beers, most data in the columns are supposed to belong to row-level data. Hence, transposing in Alteryx was conducted to obtain the data which can bring insights.

Dashboard Objective

The created dashboard has objectives to explore number and first brew trends of different beer categories, characteristics of listed beers and needed ingredients to make the listed beers. In addition, the dashboard needs to have interactivity and the ability to drilldown.

Dashboard Creation

As there are no provided categories among all beers, categorising the beers into ale, lager and other categories was conducted in Tableau. Classification of beers was based on ingredients yeast as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1. Syntax to categorise different beers

The remaining parts of the dashboard involve multiple dashboard actions that include set and filter actions. Values in categories field were then used to examine trends and characteristics of beers listed in Punk API dataset. The finished dashboard can be seen in figure 2.

Figure 2. Final dashboard for Punk API Beers dataset

An additional objective of the dashboard is to educate people who are relatively new to learning about beers. Hence, as shown in figure 2, the definition of different metrics is provided in the Characteristic part of the dashboard.

To evaluate further interactivity, please visit the posted visualisation on Tableau Public via the following link:


Kristiadi Uisan
Author: Kristiadi Uisan