On day 5 of dashboard week, the assignment is to create a visualisation and storytelling based on dataset from Australian charity which can be obtained from the following link:


As usual, creating visualisation process starts with data understanding.

Data Understanding

The dataset provided is quite clean. Although there are still some fields which may need to be transposed in Alteryx to ensure that the visualisation can contain some drilldowns and added interactivities.

Dashboard Objective

The objective of the dashboard is to explore Australian charities based on different Australian states, registration status, time, resource allocation and activities.

Dashboard Creation

One of the components that may attract dashboard creators is the geographical field. With this field, map charts was created through putting double-clicking ‘State’ field and put the ‘State’ field into Detail. Figure 1 illustrates the resulting map chart and its drilldown.

Figure 1. Map chart and its drilldown when State ‘New South Wales’ is selected

Other fields that may attract analysts are those which are related to breakdown of revenue and expenses. To obtain row-level data for revenue and expenses, Transpose tool from Alteryx was used. Figure 2 shows how the breakdown of revenue and expense are visualised.

Figure 2. Breakdown of revenue sources and expense allocation

For figure 2, revenue sources and expense allocation have been linked with the parameters to view revenue and expense in total or per charity. This configuration was created to improve the flexibility of the dashboard in determining revenue sources and expense allocation.

Other components of the dashboard are mostly related to using dashboard actions, which include set and filter actions. Figure 3 shows the overall dashboard before the interactivity are explored.

Figure 3. Full Dashboard for Australian Charity

Kristiadi Uisan
Author: Kristiadi Uisan