Alteryx Weekly Challenge 50 is titled “Preparing Survey Data”. In this challenge, the task is to create an output file for visualization tool that details the response by age for each individual based on a specific question. This challenge starts with 2 input data which contain respondents’ answers and list of questions. Further details about the challenge can be found in the link below:

As contained in the above link, there has also been an existing solution in this challenge which can be seen in figure 1.

Figure 1. Existing Alteryx solution for Challenge 50

The existing solution managed to achieve the desired output, however there are still some related issues. First, the workflow does not appear to be clean as there does not seem to be any separation between input/output and data preparation stages. Next, there seems to be unnecessary tools being included in the workflow that can lead to slower execution. Lastly, it may take time for viewers to see which specific question will be solved from the existing workflow. Hence, an alternative solution to Alteryx Weekly Challenge 50 was proposed. Figure 2 shows the revised workflow for Alteryx Weekly Challenge 50.

Figure 2. Revised solution for Alteryx Challenge 50

To distinguish data preparation and output steps, figure 2 uses two workflow containers. Blue container is used for data preparation, while green container is used for output and additional adjustments. In general, figure 2 managed to overcome the shortcomings from figure 1. Figure 2 managed to create a workflow that can be easier to follow and remove the unnecessary steps in dataset preparation.

The step-by-step guide in creating the improvised workflow can be found in the following link:


Kristiadi Uisan
Author: Kristiadi Uisan